Journalism Helper: Media earnings story template

There’s a lot of interest in media reporting these days, and not much time for busy reporters to write all of the stories they need to write. That’s why I created the “media earnings story” template for general use – just fill in the brackets and you’ll have your copy online in no time.


<INSERT MEDIA COMPANY NAME> posted a <INSERT LOSS IN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS> as advertisers turned to <INTERNET/RIVALS> and alternative services such as <NETFLIX/BLOGS> for their content.

<INSERT MEDIA COMPANY NAME> said revenue fell 10 per cent compared to the same quarter last year, and said it would implement <PAYWALL/SUBSCRIBER FEE HIKE/PROGRAMMING FEE> to help stem the losses as it transitions to a <DIGITAL BROADCASTER/MULTIMEDIA NEWS ORGANIZATION>.

“The advertising market continues to be difficult for <BROADCASTERS/PUBLISHERS,” said <INSERT EXECUTIVE> on a conference call with <ANALYSTS/STAFF>. “The situation is not unique to our <NETWORK/NEWSPAPER>, as our rivals across the industry are facing the same pressures. We expect the market to remain challenging for the next quarter, and visibility is cloudy.”

The <INSERT MEDIA COMPANY NAME> said it would need to <BUILD A PAYWALL/ACQUIRE ITS RIVALS> in order to compete with <FOREIGN RIVALS, FREE CONTENT>, as it announced a series of measures meant to help replace the lack of advertising revenue.

It also said it would streamline operations by <OUTSOURCING TO COUNTRY X> and reducing the number of <JOBS/PROGRAMMING HOURS> and asking its employees to <QUIT/WORK MORE HOURS FOR LESS MONEY/WORK MORE HOURS FOR NO MONEY>.

“We appreciate the efforts of all of our valued employees,” said <EXECUTIVE>. “We want to make sure they understand their <CONTRIBUTION/QUITTING> is appreciated in these difficult times.”

Analysts who cover the company said they were disappointed with the results, and will be looking to management to find <COST EFFICIENCIES/MASSIVE EXPENSIVE TAKEOVERS  to help the company get bigger so it can <COMPETE WITH FOREIGN RIVALS/CONTINUE TO EXIST>.

“While profits continue to accumulate despite the difficulties in the advertising market, we have certain expectations about dividends,” said <INSERT ANALYST HERE>.

The company’s shares <FELL/PLUMMETED/DROPPED> <INSERT PERCENT HERE> in morning trading.