Steve Durant

A writer. He writes about media. In addition, he writes about other things as well. He has written several pieces of content.

Read below to get a glimpse of the stories he has covered and written about.

CBC union to members: Take your breaks

Titled “CBC union to members: Take your breaks” is a piece of written material Steve has created. This work covers a meal break and coffee break for union workers. In this writing, union workers are encouraged to take thirty to sixty minutes a away from work. The writing promotes chatting with others, having a nice meal or taking a walk as a form of respite from work.

Postmedia management shuffle

Postmedia management shuffle” covers the operational structure of a company. Marketing, manufacturing and sales departments for the company is discussed. An understanding of how the company formed from another company is discussed. An understanding of how the newspaper appeals to a variety of readers is mentioned. A list of employees and future endeavors are written about in this article. The article overall reviews changes the newspaper company has made to ensure its operations runs smoothly as possible.

Star union comes back with offer

In Steve’s piece “Star union comes back with offer“, the writer discusses how the newspaper company is handling their financial affairs. The newspaper company decides to not contract work to avoid laying off staff. The article informs readers how the newsroom is making changes to evolve into a multi-platform media company. Making needed changes accounts to saving $1.46 million dollars. Becoming an efficient production desk is the aim of the newsroom.

Indigo Gift cards

Indigo Gift cards” reveals a different topic than what the writer normally pens about. It talks about Indigo’s quarter earnings. The earnings reveal a shocking amount of outstanding gift cards. These gift cards account for about sixty three million dollars. Putting the amount of the outstanding gift cards in a spreadsheet and comparing this versus the amount of money the company has reveals that the company has seventy seven million dollars on the balance sheet.

How much bandwidth do I need?

“How much bandwidth do I need?” is a rather interesting and useful piece of writing. Steve explores a topic many people deal with. How much bandwidth do I need is a common question asked when a person is purchasing bandwidth. The article reveals a chart. This chart breaks down how much bandwidth is needed for certain applications. Examples of applications include Netflix, Youtube and a list of cable channels.