Who I Am

Steve Ladurantaye is a multi-platform newsroom manager and journalist who has worked in Canada’s largest newsroom. He has spent countless hours consulting in different newsrooms around as an expert who is trusted. His skills and experience are quite outstanding and stomp all over the boundaries between television, radio, digital, and print media.

Steve Ladurantaye was offered a job as the head of news and current affairs (editor-in-chief) at STV from October 2018 to October 2020. Just like all other broadcasters, STV News was undergoing a massive change.

However, under the stewardship of Steve Ladurantaye, their market share and viewership was able to increase as they mainly focused on covering local and national stories that mattered the most. Over that period, they were able to modernize technology as well as launch new programs such as What’s on Scotland and Sean’s Scotland which brought massive growth. This is because it brought news that embraced the identity of the people in the UK. During his maiden year, the STV News program was able to overtake BBC and become of Scotland’s favourite program breaking a record that had been held for over five years.

Steve Ladurantaye had also worked at CBC as a managing editor, journalism, and programming from May 2016 up to October 2018. Though he was originally hired as a managing editor of digital journalism, his job was expanded to include other roles such as driving original journalism through the national broadcasters’ content units on all platforms which included radio, television, and digital media. He was at the forefront of launching the CBC’s Opinion section which ensured that the audience was able to interact and give their views. He also managed the team of public broadcasters who brought interactive content, and this made them win the global award due to the innovative journalism it brought forth.

From December 2013 up to May 2016, Steve Ladurantaye worked as the head of news, government partnerships in Canada. He spearheaded partnerships and strategies with the largest media organizations, politicians, and government agencies in the country. His roles also expanded to him being the global chair for news for Twitter Inc. Most of his work was focused on elections, product development, on-the-ground work in Canada, the USA, and the United Kingdom. He also worked with Donald Trump and his campaign team. Steve Ladurantaye is a global icon in the field of journalism. He has won many awards wherever he has worked. He is a living legend.