Facebook: Deactivated, and back again

The other day, I activated my Facebook Timeline and was presented with three years of crap that I had uploaded to the site. None of it was embarrassing, but it did crystallize many of the thoughts I had in the back of my mind about the amount of content I had uploaded over the years.

I’ve often posted pictures of my kids, and that’s because we have family from out of town who like to look at them. That seemed fine a few years ago for some reason, but privacy-breach-after-privacy-breach and other random Facebook goings-ons had me reconsidering whether that’s a good idea.

It’s not easy to live without a Facebook account any more – it’s increasingly used as a gateway to news sites and other services that I use for my job all the time.

But it’s also really hard to take stuff down. So, rather than scrub the thing I decided to deactivate and start over from scratch. That also helps whittle down the list of 600-plus “friends” I’ve accumulated over that time without actually defriending anyone – there are a lot of people on there I’ve never met and it’s silly to keep reading about what online games they are into at the moment.

I mostly wrote this so that when someone DOES accuse me of abandoning them, as inevitably happens, I can point to the post to prove that nothing mean was happening. Promise.

That’s all.

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