When Sun News Network launched 2.5 years ago, radio host Charles Adler was tapped as a franchise player that the network could use to build a loyal following. He’s always tested well among viewers, but that hasn’t translated into ratings. So on Sept. 11, Sun News vice-president Kory Teneycke appeared on the Charles Adler show to tell viewers he was cancelled (but would stick around in some hazy way that wasn’t explained). Here’s how it went down (warning, it’s kind of hard to watch).

Charles Adler: To help us with a conversation about the future is the man who reached out to me a few years ago and sold me on idea of  working for the fledgling network and just a few days ago met with me in Winnipeg reaching out once again with a slightly different role for yours truly. Here is the vice-president of sun news network Kory Teneycke. Kory, what does the future look like?

Teneycke:  I think the future is pretty bright for Sun News, Charles. We’re kind of in a transition period.  We’ve been on the air for about two half years now and as you know Charles the challenge we’ve had is we are only in four out of ten households and that’s a big challenge for a network.

We’re looking forward to a bright future in 2014 with a whole new set of rules for all news channels in Canada that will result in us being in a lot more households and us being able to talk to lot more Canadians.

So we’re going to be going through some program changes over the next few weeks as we get ready for that brighter future and planning some new shows and changes to grid and one of the things in the transition is we’re going to be moving away from the Charles Adler show, but not moving away from Charles Adler.

Charles I got to tell you I’m sitting here as one of your biggest fans and I know the work we do talking to our audience in Sun News they are huge fans of you and huge supporters of you so while there will be a period of time where we won’t have you on the air doing a show we’ll have you on the air doing a whole bunch of things and being a part of a whole bunch of shows.

I guess my message to our viewers would be stay tuned there are a number of exciting changes up ahead, including changes in terms of role you’ll be playing and we don’t’ want to let the cat out o thef bag on what all those things are but suffice to say those of us working on it are extremely excited and about the product we’ll be bringing forward. And while we won’t be having the Charles Adler show for a period of time, we certainly will be having lots of Charles Adler.

Adler: Well I appreciate that very much. As everyone knows, because we talked about this with various subjects, in fact we’ve been discussing this very thing about teachers. Some teachers have a lot of passion for what they do and that’s wonderful for the young people they are teaching and wonderful for the system and wonderful for the country. Nobody doubts that I have passion for broadcasting, I’ve been doing this for decade after decade after decade and when you reached out to me three years ago that’s exactly what you tapped into.

And the idea that we’d be doing things on this network and saying things and talking to people who have been feeling left out for a number of years. That’s been accomplished to a great deal and great extent over the last few years and I have no doubt that as time evolves and we  have opportunites to talk to more people there will be more of the great product. I’m grateful to our viewers naturally but extremely grateful to the guy who gave me key to that ruck and that would be Kory Teneycke. It’s a  pleasure working with you and I look forward to all our products down the road.

Teneycke: Likewise Charles, and I know our viewers more importantly look forward to seeing things coming and will be able to continue to see you on this network.  We’ll be revealing more news over the coming weeks and months and trust me I think it’s going to be very exciting stuff and just so proud of you for being a part of Sun News to this point Charles and looking forward to all work we’ll be doing together going forward.